I Survived The Fire Noodle Challenge – In My Cow Onesie

If you’ve been on YouTube at all in the past five years, you’re probably aware of the “Fire Noodle Challenge.” If you’ve somehow missed this, “fire noodle” refers a brand of Korean ramen that’s so spicy people consider eating it a “challenge,” and have therefore been doing it, on camera, because the Internet. Since the […]

Traveling as a Vegetarian Isn’t as Much of a Pain in the Ass as You’d Think

You know the scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when the main character was explaining that her fiancĂ© is a vegetarian and therefore doesn’t eat meat and her aunt was like “don’t eat no meat?!…it’s okay, it’s okay, I make lamb”? Well, that legitimately happened to me when I was in Greece, except it was my friend’s godmother […]