8 Things To Do On a Virtual Date

For many countries, 2020 has been separated into 4 parts. We had January through March, when people knew what COVID was, and knew it was bad, but it had not spread to a worldwide scale, and most people were carrying on their lives like normal. Then there was March through May in all of its toilet paper-hoarding, Tiger King-watching glory. Stuck inside, people got creative, making everything from sourdough bread to OnlyFans accounts, tuning into virtual festivals, and having so many virtual dates that someone made a whole app for it

Between June and October, many cities around the world were starting to open up again and learn how to function in this strange new world we found ourselves in. Road trips became extremely popular. Park dates featuring to-go drinks and takeout became the norm. People were meeting Tinder randos IRL again. Things were looking great! Then, with the second wave in November, places started locking down again and imposing curfews, and many people retreated back into their houses like we’re in March 2.0. Except for Florida, obviously. 

For the rest of us, meeting a stranger from the Internet is seeming just about as risky as it did in the beginning of the year, Zoom dates are back in, and virtual concerts are on the rise, as are some late comers’ sourdough starter kits. 

If you’re bored at home and want to meet people but aren’t comfortable meeting in public, virtual dates aren’t as awkward as they sound, I promise!

Here’s 9 ideas for things to do on a virtual date to break the ice. And yes – I did them all, sometime between March and May. Ya girl’s been BORED.

Still not down with the virtual dating but miss your pals? These are all fun virtual things to do with your friends, too! Is it the same as going to a festival with them or playing games IRL? Nah. But it’s something to do. We’ve made it this far – sooner than we realize, virtual dates and Zoom happy hours will be distant memories. We’ve got this!

1.Order delivery from the same restaurant – or similar cuisines if you’re far away ($$)

This one is great because it gives you the added bonus of supporting local restaurants. Pick a restaurant, order food at the same time, and then Zoom/FaceTime/Skype/whatever your date while you each eat it. It’s almost like a normal dinner date, except for the obvious huge difference that your date is on the other side of the screen.

This date idea also gives you the secondary added bonus of having something to talk about. You and your date can talk about the food, the restaurant, if you’ve eaten there before, etc. And then there’s always the fun conversation starter of swapping Tinder horror stories.

2. Go to a festival – virtually (Free – $$)

It’s like going to a concert with a date, except for you’ll be able to hear each other over the music this time! Zoom call each other, and then one of you can tune into the livestream or virtual concert and share your screen. You and your date can tune into a set you both like, pour yourself a drink or three so dancing by yourself while video chatting with a stranger seems less weird, and enjoy the live stream.

Don’t know where to find virtual concerts? You’ve come to the right place! There’s a virtual Tomorrowland festival starting at 8 p.m. (20:00) Belgium time on New Years Eve and running until 3 a.m. Belgium Time. The lineup features Diplo, Netsky, and David Guetta, among others. Tickets range from €20 – €50.

Insomniac Events has also been consistently providing free live streams since March, and here is a list of many upcoming virtual concerts of all types of music.

Happy hour with friends around the U.S.

3. Beat them at trivia (Free – $)

Nothing bonds you to an Internet stranger like competing in an online game, texting each other throughout, and then video calling after to debrief. Brainstormer Trivia has been having virtual trivia competitions fairly regularly. There’s one coming up on January 8 that you and a date can each join for $10.

4. Play Kings Cup online (Free)

Online Kings Cup is just about as messy as it sounds, but it’s also about as fun. BYOB, obviously.

5. Name that tune (Free)

You and your date can take turns playing a song for each other from Spotify or YouTube and guessing the title or artist. If you don’t guess in 30 seconds, you lose. This can also very easily be turned into a drinking game.

Virtual Kings Cup

6. Cards Against Humanity – sort of (Free)

Everyone’s favorite offensive party game is also online! Well, not quite, but the concept is the same. There are servers you and your date can join at any time. I’ve also played this in a gigantic Zoom chat with a bunch of friends all over the world. 10/10 can recommend.

7. Jackbox Games – one-time payment

Jackbox works for your computer or gaming system. One player has to purchase the gaming system once, and then you and your date (or whoever else) can virtually play trivia and other games (sporting names such as “Zeeple Dome”) as often as you want for free. Jackbox ranges in price depending on how many games you want to purchase, starting at $12.50. Here’s a list of the best Jackbox games for 2 people.

8. Scattergories – Free

In case you aren’t familiar with this word-guessing game, for each round you are given a letter and several categories – “things you throw away,” for example – and have to think of something for each category that begins with that letter. In the free online version, you can select how many categories you want, what they are, and how long you get to answer. Scattergories works with at least 2 players, so this is an easy virtual date activity.

So! Now you know what to do on a virtual date, but what if you’re not getting enough matches on dating sites? I can help with that too!

Happy dating!

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