S**t American Tourists Say: Iceland Edition

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first-ever edition of Shit American Tourists Say. Today’s episode focuses on what these most fascinating individuals say when placed in an environment they’re not used to. We’re not in Kansas anymore, folks. Here are the best things I overheard our lovely Americans say in Keflavik Airport in Iceland. Please note these all occurred within 20 minutes.

1. Passenger: “Where’s the big statue with the pot? I want to take a picture for the grandkids.”

Airline worker: “That’s straight down the hall, sir.”

Passenger: “Oh, that’s too far.”

2. “This is so messed up in so many ways.” – man outraged that he needed to wait for a bus to take him to the plane waiting outside #tinyairportproblems

3. “This is just taking so long. I need some liquor.” – 60-something year old woman, on the bus on the way to the plane

4. “They made me pay to check my bag, so I was like, OK, I can drink some liquor.” – the same woman, who clearly possesses a flawless sense of logic and reasoning

5. “I really like how they’ve designed the airport. It’s so modern.” – lady to her husband

6. *young woman takes selfies of self boarding plane, holds up entire rest of line*

7. “Well, I don’t know why they haven’t sat us together. Makes no sense to me.” – husband whose wife and three kids are sat close by but not directly next to each other, and there was a parent seated next to each child. (Yes, sir, because the airline obviously did it on purpose just to inconvenience you and your family of five.)

8. “Of course the ONE outlet that doesn’t work is under MY seat.” Β – angry teenager (come on, Napoleon, like anyone could even know that.)

9. “Are we going to fly over Idaho? Hawaii? Alaska? Ohio?” – kid behind me to his mother

The “big statue with the pot.”

15 thoughts on “S**t American Tourists Say: Iceland Edition”

  1. Wow..such an interesting writeup. I am laughing loud right now. These comments are so natural yet hilarious. It’s great you remembered them and then compiled them!!

  2. Hahahaha these are hilarious! The selfie one is becoming a common occurrence…I mean seriously… take the selfie BEFORE/AFTER you board. What an awesome post – would love to see more!

    1. Okay, right?? Not during. I don’t care if it’s going to make your vlog look better or whatever. Thanks! If you like ridiculous quotes check this one out–interactive quote map of stuff I heard people say in San Francisco that made me raise an eyebrow. πŸ™‚

  3. That sounds just too funny.. Too bad I never noticed comments and conversations of people around me the way you do. Awesome post. Read twice and still laughing

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